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Any Key

  This extension is a port of Russkey to be able to design virtual keyboards in  multiple scripts. The keyboard  is mapped to chars in the choseen script to enable users to interact in their language on forums, write blogs, in their favorite browser (firefox or mozilla) and write their email with their favorite mail client (Thunderbird).

    There are some scripts integrated so far (cyrillic,arabic, ethiopic, davangari) and more are to come.The two services provided  are


        We try to use translitaration standards in order to implement the input methods, but a custom method can as well be mapped. A page wich decribes some of the translitaration standard can be found here, for arabic, cyrillic, or brahimic scripts or here for ethiopic.

     Popular input methods like are also proposed.

Short-term goals

Here you can add your comments, ask me questions. I will monitor the activity in the forum so please, do not abuse, or the forum will have to be deactivated. No ads please, no excessive swearing, no offtopic discussions.

The anykey project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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